KEB COMBIBOX 5 ... 180 lb ft

is a versatile, ready to install clutch brake module series for start/stop operation.

Design features:

21 design configurations with NEMA or FEC dimensions, totally enclosed housing patented wear adjustment, zero backlash and a single working armature for no overlap.


KEB COMBISTOP 1... 1.100 lb ft

the double-disc spring set brake with patented system for adjustment and readjustment of the air gap. Asbestos-free friction linings with steel inserts give maximum reliability and protection even under extreme loading.

With the special armature/magnet geometry high wear resistance is achieved.

Apart from an extensive standard program customized solutions are designed.


KEB COMBINORM 1/3 ... 1.465 lb ft

comprises energize to engage electro-magnetic clutches and brakes which are designed as single disc elements with asbestos-free friction linings for zero backlash transmission.

Fast switching times, CSA-approved and no residual torque are further characteristics of this series.


KEB COMBIPERM 3.5 ... 1.275 in lbs

the permanent magnet-excited brake for zero backlash holding of positions and permanent magnet clutches for the connection of machine parts. High torques in a small size are achieved with high-grade and temperature-stable SmCo- or NeFeB-magnets. Residual torque-free separation, large release ranges and large max. air gaps are important advantages for the user



With the adage "as much as necessary",
provides graduated features creating an
optimum solution for each application.
Universal functionality, identical handling, and common tools serve to reduce the work which is necessary for installatino, start-up and service regardless which type of unit is ultimately used.

For more information > http://www.keb.de/kebneu/amerikanisch/fs_mt_a.htm

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